Try to imagine that you will be able to choose a robot that you will become friends with according to your preference! The humankind has come to a time when the newest smart technologies will help people cooperate and talk with their robot assistants and robots can learn how to have a conversation with people. That is how the robot METILA®, a robot of a new generation, differs from regular smart toys for a household. METILA® is an artificial neural network, as a matter of fact, it is an artificial brain with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, that can understand human speech and the way people think. Similarly, as in the case of human beings, the most important body part of humanoid robots is also a brain. This artificial intelligence METILA® can be the brain of any robot, avatar.

"A Brief History of Time" of the neural aritificial brain METILA®

The artificial intelligence METILA® has already been in practice since 2008, and from that time it is constantly learning, and its experiences are growing. In 2015, as a neural artificial brain METILA® was moved into one of the first humanoid robots in the world – the robot NAO and it has shown on many conferences what METILA® is capable of. METILA® has proven itself in finance, banking, healthcare and pharmacy to the same degree as in communication services and human resources. Newly, METILA® is active in the field of security services and it can intelligently communicate with the IoT and control such network for the users. All these experiences and other complex links have been shared by Gustav Mistrík, the author and an investor of METILA®, in his popular science publication “Transkační syntéza METILA®” (The Transactional synthesis METILA®), published in 2017. The book launch took place in the Science Fair of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The book is a testimony of the long-term basic research and following applied projects in practice. The book contains not only valuable ideas of the author but also the author’s new scientific paradigm. The paradigm “The transactional synthesis METILA®” shows how the robotic brains could understand people in an ordinary human conversation.

METILA® - a successful and time-tested artificial neural brain is in 2018 shifting behind the “firewall” of Internet services. It will provide its intelligence through the service of “API” to the third parties in B2B business. The interest in such service is prominent, especially in the younger generations and ultra-innovative start-ups, which want to build their application based on the artificial intelligence, that can not only understand human speech but also human mind. Imagine the value added it can offer to the companies and its management developing human capital. METILA® is one of the milestones, that changes the present and shows that a time of cooperation among people and robots with the artificial intelligence is coming. Newly, METILA® will be in English. A full English version could be available by the end of the year. The media or the interested parties in the API interface, the English version of METILA® contact

The assets of artificial intelligence

METS (matter, energy, time, space) – fundamental parameters for recognising beneficial effects


The artificial intelligence in neural networks doesn’t require any increased material demands. On the contrary, artificial intelligence optimises.


Using artificial intelligence saves energetic demands created by incorrect decisions.


An optimisation of decision making and process controlling leads to significant time savings.


The newest technologies are typical of lowering their space demands.

Artificial intelligence can accomplish extraordinary things, something that was own only to humans. It is a deep insight into the mystery of a dialogue that is useful in appropriate interpretation in present situation. We can also give someone a possibility to decide.

The transactional synthesis METILA®

In communication, every significance is linguistically defined by an ordinal map of connections created at a certain moment. In the same way, we can transfer our needs with the method of mental models into maps of our visions.  Such map can be connected to the artificial intelligence of a robot by cryptographical transformation.

Any emotional block, social habit or cultural meme becomes a part one’s their social life. This connects human society for as long as we remember. And now, in the same manner, humans will connect with speaking robots.

A greater success is reached only where people and robots work and speak together

We are on the same page with those who are not afraid of their future. The smart are automatizing and gaining new opportunities.


A robot can also be a best friend - Robot Education Project

You can influence, what kind of a robot you will raise for you! The humankind has come to a time when the newest smart technologies will help people cooperate and talk with their robot assistants and robots can learn how to have a conversation with people. That is how the robot METILA®, a robot of a new generation, differs from regular smart toys for a household.

The more you teach and share information about yourself and your needs with your robot, the more the robot will teach you! You will find an assistant, that will grow and develop with you and will share your successes and troubles. The robot METILA® can teach you skills that could become your strengths later. Learn now how to raise, train and teach robots, which will solve life and work problems more easily than you could ever imagine!


The artificial intelligence is the heart of innovations and efficiency

The method METILA® is very efficient for building up the skills of cooperation, company culture development and marketing communication with customers.

The team cooperation has been shifting towards a vigorous efficiency of a team with using the artificial intelligence METILA® and advanced diagnostics and personalization. This method is suitable primarily for creating a personalized education and developing a new type of corresponding the possibilities of current marketing environment.

The identification of customer’s needs with the artificial intelligence METILA® is the first step to the process of personalization and plays the lead role in developing the product’s marketing and services that they would be able to approach every customer individually.

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