We transform artificial intelligence to the expansion of human abilities

Do you want to start a project with artificial intelligence and neural networks? Today, you can make teams and organizations of the future or expand the communication with clients by intelligent chatbot or a robot.

In 2019 we are currently preparing available Open Source platform and provide API interface for your own projects. We will welcome interested parties with their own professional projects and start-ups. The API interface allows you to build any game application, interactive assistant or real intelligent chatbot based on higher consciousness.

Educational and informative service

The first step is to gain experience. An efficient educational program will introduce to the topic of artificial intelligence and neural networks. We will prepare and guide you and your teams to the application of artificial intelligence and neural networks in your projects in a way, that no one else has. You observe development trends with us and create new opportunities.

Presentation & Conferation

Conference performance opens the topic of artificial intelligence based on neural networks in an entertaining way. An experience with demonstration of the newest technology and robots is included.

from 40 000 CZK

University lectures & education

The extraordinariness of the lectures is that they offer personal practical experience from almost two decades of research and neural network development. The topics present successful application of AI and NN in practice.

from 40 000 CZK

Teams & organizations of the future

Evolutionary social changes also bring the necessity to change the way of defining business models and managing company cultures with the use of advantages and skills of artificial intelligence.

from 20 000 CZK

Expert consultations & consultancy

Artificial intelligence isn’t nowadays just an academic question. It involves the practical use of artificial intelligence and neural networks in business models of successful companies.

from 3 000 CZK

Sale and rental of licences

Licences are divided into professional OEM, unlimited and EULA licence for multiple degrees of user’s rights to the neural network METILA®. Part of the license is a complete transfer of technology and related know-how including educational programs and development support.

Software & wetware OEM licence

Professional OEM, unlimited. Contains OEM licence including products’ source code, transfer of the whole technology and know-how for use, development and unlimited propagation in the professional field of targeted market.
1.000.000 EUR

Software & wetware EULA shared licence

Includes the use of the licence by the subject for commercial and internal purposes, transfer of parametrization technology and source codes of some interfaces for could service with a neural network – shared licence
200.000 EUR

Software EULA licence & API wetware

Contains user licences for internal use of NN. It includes the know-how for METILA® TSM neural network type transferred by a complex educational program and documentation.
10.000 EUR

Transfer technology & know-how package

Transfer know-how for creating native closed source neural network. Available to interested parties that want to build own AI projects based on artificial NN and want to get the know-how.
500.000 EUR

I’m interested, or I want advice

We are developing human cooperation with advanced artificial intelligence METILA®. We would like to hear from you. And if you are at one’s wit’s end? We are happy to help you in choosing which licence to buy or rent. Let us know how we can help you.